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My Gear *


Tenor:   1963 Selmer Mark VI #104,xxx

               1973 Selmer Mark VI #215,xxx

Alto:   1937 Selmer Balanced Action #24,xxx

Soprano:     1977 Selmer Mark VI #266,xxx

                      1977 Selmer Mark VI #269,xxx

Sopranino:   1979 Yanagisawa Elimona #7,790,xxx



Tenor:   1976 Otto Link Super Tone Master (Metal)

               1935 Otto Link NY Slant Signature (Hard Rubber)

Alto:      2021 Otto Link Super Tone Master (Metal)

Soprano:      2018 Sopranoplanet Missing Link (Hard Rubber)

Sopranino:   Selmer S80 “E” (year unknown) (Hard Rubber)




Tenor:    Vandoren Java Red # 2

Alto:       Vandoren Java Red # 2 

     Vandoren ZZ # 2

Soprano:     Vandoren Traditional # 1.5

Sopranino:  Vandoren Traditional # 2




NUX B-6 Wireless System



AMT Q7-LS Mini Wireless System




Sax Strap for Tenor/Alto:



PA System:

Bose L1 Pro 8 

(Medium/Large venues)


Bose S1 Pro (1x or 2x)

(For small/intimate settings, or venues where electrical power is unavailable)



Backing Tracks:

Most are purchased through various commercial sources online (a few are homemade via Band-in-a-Box software).

All tracks are managed with an iPad Pro and Apple Music app.


Video Creations:

Audio recorded from PA system “line out” to iPhone GarageBand app via “HeadsetBuddy” adapter

Video recorded with iPhone(s)

Audio/video mixed in iMovie for social media upload


* I take at least 2 saxophones to each gig, along with a backup PA system, backup sax/voice mics and backup iPad in case of primary unit failure

Interested in Playing Solo Sax Gigs?  Download My Handbook for Some Tips:

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