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"I don't play the saxophone... I play music on the saxophone"


"For a performance that's out of this world"


Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit

Children's Advocacy Center of Brevard's James Bond 007 Gala

October 2023

   From Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller and Frank Sinatra -- to The Beatles, The Temptations, and Billy Joel -- My saxophone and vocal performances ​blend the Great American Song Book with contemporary (60s/70s/80s) classics.    I'm talking about swing, light jazz, bossa nova, R & B, and soft rock/pop tunes... the songs that inspire toe-tapping and bring back memories.


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        I've performed over 500 solo gigs for civic, corporate, public, and private event audiences ranging from a dozen to 200, with a volume kept to a level that allows conversation and promotes a pleasant ambience.   My music is exceptionally well suited for luncheons, dinners, receptions, and cocktail parties.


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     Sax and Vocals...  By combining my instruments and voice with professional backing tracks on a premium Bose sound system, I can give you the sound of a jazz ensemble for the price of a solo musician!

Live performance samples: 

        If you're looking for hard rock, country, hip hop, funk, be-bop, fusion, reggae, new wave, electric dance, or similar genres... keep looking.    I'm not your entertainer.    But if you're looking for smooth saxophone sounds and easy listening vocals on classic melodies that have never gone out of style, I welcome the opportunity to perform for your next event. 

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